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Physiotherapy/Sports Physiotherapy

It is a healthcare profession dedicated to working with people to identify and maximize their ability to move and function throughout their life.

Physical Fitness

It is a general state of health and well-being trough correct nutrition, exercise, hygiene and rest to perform physical activity such as aspects of sports or occupations without undue fatigue.

Structural Osteopathy

It describes the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal system – Structure.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

It is a range of medicine practices based on an ancient tradition which is more than 2.000 years old.

Carlos Costa

Carlos Costa’s name may not sound familiar, but this young Portuguese, born in September 10, 1986, often called Charlie, is one of the most coveted physiotherapists, a career that embraced by chance. Since an early age he was connected with sports, an area that has always been part of his life and fascinated him. He started his sportive practice with swimming, till he entered competition at high level. Besides that he played soccer and tennis, did mountain bike, hicking and bodyboard.

“Show your love through your actions”


  • Full time physiotherapist for Tommy Haas
    He is Portuguese, aged 27 and works as a full time physiotherapist for Tommy Haas. He also works as physiotherapist for the national team at Davis Cup and Fed Cup. This name, Carlos Costa, may not mean much for most people but in the tennis world this physiotherapist, who is only 27 years old, is one of the most coveted professionals. And he has embraced this career almost by chance. “I have been connected to sports from a very early stage as it is an area that has always been part of my life and has always fascinated me. I started my sports life swimming and entered lots of competitions until I reached the competition at high level. Besides swimming I also played soccer, did mountain biking and later, with ‘Pistol Pete [Sampras]’ and Agassi as role models and encouraged by my father and godfather, I decided to learn how to play tennis.”, he remembered in an email from Miami, where he currently works full time with the German tennis player Tommy Haas.
  • HAAS Unstoppable
    At the age of thirty five, the German opposed against Djokovic today never ceases to amaze with his longevity. Does he have a secret? The first explanation is named Carlos Costa. No, not the agent of Nadal, but a Portuguese namesake of twenty-six years old who is the physio of Haas.
  • Two magic hands for tommy haas
    At the age of 34 people usually say that you are young, if you are a professional athlete things look different. Most athlets can count the days on their hand, on which nothing hurts in the morning. Tommy Haas knows that feeling. So that the man from Hamburg can play on such a high level, like he did lately in Halle, as well as at the Bet-At-Home Open, one person is needed: Carlos Costa.
  • The man who keeps Tommy Haas running
    He is only 25 years old but for Tommy he is one of the most important persons on the ATP tour: his physio Carlos Costa from close to Porto in Portugal. In the interview for the TennisFan he talked about is daily routine with Tommy at the tournament in hamburg at the Rothenbaum.
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